Historical demography
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A.Avdeev (junior)Dear colleagues and friends,

Last Thursday I have learned from the National Organizing Committee that 20 final abstracts were accepted for the Theme L: “Looking Back: Historical Demography” of the European Population Conference 2001.

Also they informed me that we were allowed to have 4 simultaneous sessions. 

Please find here a schedule of the Conference with a detailed program of our sessions

Thanking you for your good and hoping to meet you soon in Helsinki,
I remain

Yours sincerely,

                          Alexandre A.Avdeev

The Schedule and the parallel sessions by themes:

  Auditorium Haaga Hall Classr. 30 Class room  21 Class room  22
Time 270 seats 80 seats 80 seats 40 seats 40 seats
Thursday, June 7th
13.30-15.00 A1 E1 C1 I1 G1
15.30-17.00 A2 E2 B1 F1 L1 - Theory
Chair J. Vallin
1. J.-P.Sardon
2. G.Strachan
3. G.Brunet et A.Bideau
4. M.Todorova
Friday, June 8th
08.30-10.00 A3 C2 B2 L2 - Mortality G2
Chair : S.Zakharov
1. D.Ramiro-Fariñas
2. A.Reid
3. S.Piquer Zaraus
4.  C.Théré, J.-M..Rohrbasser
5.  A.Monnier, S.Pennec
10.30-12.00 A4 E3 D1 F2 L3 - Russia, USSR
Chair A.Fauve-Chamoux
1.  S.Zakharov
2.  A.Avdeev, A.Blum, I.Troitskaia
3.  V.Dyatchkov
4.  V.Kanischev, Y.Mizis
5. J.Vallin, F.Meslé, S.Adamets, S.Pirozhkov.
13.30-15.00 A5 E4 B3 K1 H1
15.30-17.00 A6 C3 D2 H2 N1
Saturday, June 9th
08.30-10.00 A7 E5 D3 I2 F3
10.30-12.00 B4 E6 C4 G3

L4 - Family

Chair: I.Troitskaia
1. A.Fauve-Chamoux
2. V.Fillieux
3. T.Räisänen
4. K.Warpula
5. O.Zeller
14.00-15.30 B5 C5 D4 H3 J1


avdeev@ined.fr and avdeev@econ.msu.ru
Centre for population studies, Faculty of economics, Moscow State University, 119899, MGU, Vorobievy Gory, Moscow, RUSSIA